Bharat Gas Booking

Bharat Gas LPG Cooking Fuel Booking Procedure

The most commonly of the Bharat Gas is in the form of cooking fuel. The original form LPG gas is liquid but at normal it act like gas form. With the help of the pressure the form of LPG gas is compressed into liquid with the help of which volume reduce by 240 times.

When we open the cylinder valve due to which pressure release that change the liquid form change into gas form. According to the survey conducted in the year 2001 it was reported that 17.5% Indian are using Bharat Gas as compared to any other LPG gas as a cooking fuel which comprises that in urban areas 76.64% usage the Bharat Gas as compared the usage of Bharat Gas in rural areas that is only 5.7%. The Bharat Gas service is highly efficient LPG gas service in India in terms of quality as well as quantity as well as it is very clean, cheap, convenient and safe.

In order to book the Bharat Gas connection online you should follow the basic procedures:-

  • First visit the official online website of the Bharat Gas¬†and login there with your username and password.
  • For the new customer have to register oneself first and then they can login the website for further information.
  • Registration process is already given in the website home page you just need to login with your registered username and password.
  • After visiting Home page of the website go to Booking Sections and fill in all the details require along with the date and time in order to get the service quickly and after that submit the form to the online booking of Bharat Gas.
  • The one thing which is important for both online and offline service is that the booking request of the gas shall be only delivered after 21 days of previous delivery and this condition is applicable in both the cases.

If you required booking your Bharat Gas connection with an offline method you should follow the basic procedure:-

  • The most efficient and the quick way to book your gas connection after online is SMS service through which you can easily login with your registered username and password on the official website.
  • The method for the offline mode is the customer has to go to the nearest centre of the Bharat Gas and book gas connection there.
  • According to the convenience people can choose the service of offline and online methods in order to book their gas connection.
  • The number of the Bharat Gas New connections booking re available in your nearest Bharat Gas centre.

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  1. Priyanjana says:

    Most pathetic customer service …. Haven’t been able to get a refill for my gas for the past 20 days … Dumb people handling your calls keep saying the distributor doesn’t pick up calls … Pathetic

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