Bharat gas reduced Rs 4 in bharat gas cylinder

New Delhi:Aeronautics Turbine Fuel (ATF), or jet fuel, price was on Friday treked by 8.7 % but that of non-subsidised Bharat Gas reduced Rs 4 in bharat gas cylinder worldwide patterns.

ATF cost in Delhi was increased by Rs 3,371.55 per kilolitre (kl), or 8.69 %, to Rs 42,157.01 per kl, oil companies stated on Friday. The trek comes on the back of a minimal 1.3 % or Rs 515.85 cut in prices on March 10. Prior to that, prices were treked by steep 12 %, or Rs 4,174.49, on March 1, nearly neutralising a Rs 4,765.5 cut on February 1.

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The March 1 walk broke the cycle of 3 consecutive regular monthly cost reductions. Prices vary at different airports as a result of differential local sales tax or value-added tax (VAT). Jet fuel comprises over 40 % of an airline’s operating cost as well as the rate boost will certainly contribute to the financial burden on cash-strapped providers. No prompt remark was available from airlines on the effect of the price increase on guest prices.

At the same time, the oil companies cut prices of non-subsidised LPG, which customers acquire after exhausting their quota of 12, by Rs 4 each 14.2-kg container.

Non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) now sets you back Rs 509.50 in Delhi as against Rs 513.50 previously. This is the third decrease in prices straight. Prices were last cut by Rs 61.50 on March 1. Rates were minimized by Rs 82.5 per 14.2-kg container on February 1.
Subsidised LPG expenses Rs 419.33 per 14.2-kg cylinder in Delhi.

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