Free Insurance on Bharat Gas LPG Cylinder

Free Insurance on Bharat Gas LPG Cylinder

You can buy various insurance covers to protect against various threats. But are you familiar with the free insurance covers that you get with your Bharat Gas LPG cylinder or an air ticket that you get? Below are several of the insurance covers that you get completely free.

Insurance cover for Bharat Gas LPG customers

All registered Bharat Gas or piped food preparation gas consumers are covered for any kind of incident caused due to Bharat Gas Cylinder at their registered address. The expense of insurance is birthed by oil advertising and marketing companies. According to the internet site of Bharat gas, the distributor of Bharat Petroleum, an individual mishap cover of Rs 5 lakh each in case of fatality is supplied. In case of an accident, medical expenditures of Rs 15 lakh each occasion, with an optimum of Rs 1 lakh each are covered. The plan also covers the harm caused to the registered facilities of Bharat Gas Customers for an optimum amount of Rs 1 lakh per occasion. Piped gas consumers are also guaranteed under this policy.


Insurance with financial institution down payments

Your cash transferred in a savings account both principal as well as interest is guaranteed approximately Rs 1 lakh for any sort of default by the financial institution. It covers all deposits such as cost savings, repaired and repeating. Nevertheless, for case function, all the down payments made under these accounts will be added and an optimum of Rs 1 lakh cover will certainly be given to each depositor. Even if you have transferred in different branch of the exact same bank, you will certainly obtain a maximum cover of Rs 1 lakh. However, banks accounts with various financial institutions are guaranteed individually with a maximum cover of Rs 1 lakh each. Click on the Link to See Bharat Gas LPG prices 2016


Corporate Down payment Insurance

According to the brand-new firms Act, any company raising money by means of down payments will certainly need to provide an insurance cover of up to Rs 20,000 to every financier versus default of payment. Both the principal and also interest earned on a company down payment are guaranteed under this cover. “But currently there is no product available in the marketplace which gives industrial deposit insurance. There are no policies from Bharat Gas LPG Insurance Cover Regulatory authority and Development Authority of India (IRDA) which enable insurance companies to supply insurance products for company deposit,” says Sanjay Datta, primary underwriting and claims, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company.

Luggage insurance with air ticket

In case of residential travel, airlines provide an insurance cover of Rs 20 lakh each person in case of fatality and body injury while Rs 20,000 in case of loss of baggage.

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